Visit Richard’s Castle on a cycling holiday

Is this the first #Norman #Castle built in England? It was built before William the conqueror won the Battle of Hastings – so how did the Normans manage to build this castle on the #Shropshire /#Herefordshire border? find out on our #cyclingholidays

Its an intriguing site, and definitely worth a stop on one of our Herefordshire cycling holidays  Here are the ruins of the castle, with two extremely inquisitive guardians – two goats – who are doing an excellent job of keeping the vegetation down.


The keep and outer stone curtain wall are still there… in ruins, as is the large fortification ditch.  Surprisingly the best preserved part is the dovecot – still with its small square nest boxes, doves were an important food source in medieval times.

Next to the Castle is the St Bartholomew’s church, with its separate bell tower, which looks like a defensive tower.  See more Castles to visit on a cycle tour in the English Welsh borders


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Looking for #trout and #kingfishers on Burrington bridge. Ideal for a #summer #cycle ride.

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Summer #cycling and #cyclingholidays near #ludlow in Teme valley. Always stop to look over the gate. The views are a reward for #cycling. Choose a #summer #cycletour from

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Churches to visit on a cycling holiday


English country #churches are amazing… fabulous architecture & full of local history, legends and spooky tombs. The best way to visit is on a #bike, during your #cyclingholiday, it means you get to see how diverse they are…here are a couple of examples


This is St Bartholomew’s church in Richards Castle near Ludlow.  Its no longer used by the community (the main church is a Victorian church built about a mile away) & you can visit this on any of our Black and White villages cycling holidays.  It stands high on a hill next to a ruined castle.  It has a separate fortified bell tower and a stark, but beautiful interior.  The original box pews for the villagers & local gentry are still in place, and huge wooden screws hold up the walls and there is a Knights Templar chapel.  You can see that in medieval times this was the centre of a thriving community; in fact at one point Richards Castle was a bigger community than nearby Ludlow.  There are fabulous views, & with the castle it makes a good stop to catch your breath on your cycling holiday.

At the other extreme St Mary’s Priory Church in Abergavenny, is very much in use by the community , in the centre of the town.  It was built in 1067 on the site of Romano/British and Celtic site of worship.  There are some amazing tombs and best of all a unique and huge 15th century carving of Jesse (the father of King David).  carved from one piece of oak.   You can visit this on our Lon Las Cymru cycling holiday.





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Where to stay on a cycling holiday

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Find out about the accommodation we use on our cycling holidays.  You can choose either guesthouse/farmhouse  or hotel/inn accommodation.  We’ve spent a long time visiting and choosing the best accommodation in the area for your holidays.  All of it is unique, all offers a warm welcome.  Try our country house cycling holidays, or farmhouse cycle tours, a Michelin starred Inn, or welcoming guesthouses.

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Visit the National Trust’s Croft Castle on a cycling holiday

All of our Herefordshire cycling holidays return via Croft Castle.  So here are a few pictures to show you why you should stop and visit Croft Castle.  The Castle itself is of great interest with great rooms sets, paintings and furniture and some great family stories.  But around the castle is a walled garden, woodland and fabulous walks to the Iron Age hill fort past the avenue of Spanish Chestnuts – over 500 years old.  The saplings are reputed to have been salvaged from the Spanish Armada itself.

Croft Castle is doing a great deal to improve biodiversity in the area.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 13.48.21

The walled gardens are full of ancient apple trees with strange names!


There are many secret places in the grounds – why four keyholes? and is the wall or the door straight?


The church next to the castle has some great tombs and a memorial to the battle honours of Sir Richard Croft.  Each year The National Trust stage a reenactment of the Battle of Mortimer Cross, a decisive battle in the Wars of the Roses.


To see other castles in the area, follow our Shropshire Castles cycle tour

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River Wye Cycling and Canoeing holidays

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Two favourite summer activities; cycling and canoeing, in one short break.  The River Wye is an ideal destination for this holiday; easy cycling near the River and then just the right mix of shallow rapids and smooth water when canoeing… with a lunch stop at picturesque Hay on Wye.  Find out more about cycling and canoeing holidays from our website 

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