Family Cycling

Cycling holidays with Children

This is one type of holiday where you solve the question of “What shall we do today, Mum?”  … Well….you set out on another cycling adventure – by cycling to your next overnight stop; new things to see, do, eat and a new bed to occupy overnight.  There is absolutely no question of boredom setting in!

We’ve designed these cycling holidays with short cycle rides each day on easy terrain, and staying overnight at B&Bs who welcome families.  Click on the pictures to get full details of the holidays.  And scroll down to see hints & tips for an enjoyable holiday.


Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 13.23.11

Ideal for a first time family cycling holiday following the Rivers Clun and Teme


Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 13.45.42

good for families (and friends) who can cycle about 20 miles a day

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 13.46.24

Week long family adventure with lots of castles

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 13.46.34

Action packed holiday , great for teenagers

Have fun on your Cycling holiday by following these hints & tips

The key to enjoying cycling with children is not to rush… pace yourself during the day & take plenty of stops with food & drink.  There is always something of interest to explore wherever you are on a cycle ride.

Choose a route – When you are planning out your ride for the day  – you should estimate that you will cover 5 miles an hour over the day…. this gives you plenty of time to admire the view & stop for something to eat & drink.  If you cycle without stopping – you will cover 10 miles an hour.  As a rule of thumb, you should be thinking about the following mileages for your children

– using child seats/ buggies trailer bikes – up to 20 miles a day

– 7- 10 year olds 10 – 20 miles a day

– over 11 years – they will probably outstrip you!  But they will get tired if they are doing a longer trip, averaging 20 miles a day – so build in rest days.

– over 14 years – if you can get them to cycle in the first place – get them to carry the panniers – not you!

Clothes & equipment – no special clothing is needed – other than layers to adjust to the heat/cold, a rainproof  jacket or coat,  trainers or other shoes with a solid sole.  (Avoid flip flops and shoe laces hanging undone). Aldi & Lidl are good sources of specialist budget cycling clothing…but you have to watch out for when it is in stock.

The other thing to watch out for – is for younger children using child seats or trailer bikes – they don’t use up as much energy as you & can get cold quickly – so make sure that they are well wrapped up.

Helmets are essential for children & recommended for everyone.  Either bring your own – or use ours.

Bikes – the most important thing is making sure that you have the right sized bike for the child, and that they can reach the brakes easily.  We have a wide range of bike sizes & take time for fit them correctly & give children practice time in our bike yard.  From 7/8yrs upward they can cycle their own bike – and usually prefer mountain bikes.  Under this age, they can use either

Child Seat 12 months – 3 or 4 years

Buggies – for children aged 12 months to 4 yrs.  Towed by the parent, weatherproof & great fun for the child… plenty of room for picnics & other essentials.

Trailer bikes (with gears and light weight Reynolds Tubing) for children aged 4 yrs to 8 yrs.  Attaches to the adult bike turning it into a “Tandem”.  The child pedals & helps cycle … but if they get tired you can tow them.  It’s very popular because by 4 yrs they are fed up with the child seat & want more action…. But you have complete control over their activity on the road!

Food – this is something we all underestimate the importance of …. Everyone needs to take frequent snacks & drinks when cycling.  Make sure that you always carry a picnic,  snacks and water.  In country areas, opening hours for pubs & teashops are erratic.   So make the most of a teashop or pub when you come across it!

Food & water stops have a miraculous effect on the tempers & enjoyment of both adults and children….  and children need topping up more frequently than adults.  Never miss a meal.  And by taking a picnic, you can make sure that meal times remain at the expected time.

Entertainment. – take frequent stops to explore.  there is always something of interest on the route.


We transport all your luggage (including the lego!)

All you need to do is carry your picnic for the day, and your bags will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Prices & equipment.  We offer a special price for children aged up to 12 years, and up to 16 years when accompanied by two adults.   This is based on sharing a family room or family suite with two adults.

Maps and route guides. For all our holidays we specialise in providing unique maps and route guides.  Routes are described in great detail and also show lots of places of interest, local history & refreshment stops.

Great accommodation – we chose the right accommodation and right rooms for your family.



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