History is all around us (1)

Our cycling holidays are a brilliant way of exploring the countryside.  Not only do you get to hear the birdsong, feel the sun on your back and smell the pine and honeysuckle, you can relive the events of the past – if you know where to look.  here’s some ideas, from some of the local significant historical events.

50ad – defeat and capture of Caractacus by the Romans at Coxall Knoll and the River Red lake (named because it ran red with the blood of Romans).  On the Quietest Cycle Tour under the Sun or the Explorers Country House Tour

c500ad – marriage of King Arthur and queen Guinevere at Knucklas castle on the Welsh Border Cycle Tour (legend or not? there’re are lots of other Arthur connections in the welsh borderlands)

Knucklas viaduct in the shadow of Knucklas Castle ruins

Knucklas viaduct in the shadow of Knucklas Castle ruins

C785ad  – construction of offa’s Dyke earthwork by King Offa of Mercia.  Can you imagine the amount of earth shifting with early tools needed for this task? -think about it as you walk along on our Offa’s Dyke & Kerry Ridgway walking tour.  Was the Dyke used for defence – or to extract tolls/ taxes from the cattle drovers from Wales

Walk offas dyke

Walk offas dyke


About Wheely Wonderful Cycling

I organise cycling & walking holidays from our farm on the Shropshire/ Herefordshire borders. I love anything to do with cycling - and this area is the perfect place to cycle - quiet lanes, fantastic scenery, lots of history & great food. My blog aims to keep you up to date with the best places to cycle & walk in the area, and all the wonderful things to see & do whilst you are exploring by bike or foot.
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