Some Big Bike Events coming up in Shropshire and the Welsh Borders in 2013

Here are some great challenges for cyclists…. and if you want something easier , whilst your partner does the challenge we can organise a great cycling weekend for you around the event.

Shropshire Highlands Challenge – Sunday 16th June 2013.

– Not a race, but a challenging 65 mile ride at your own pace all on quiet roads and lanes among the beautiful Shropshire Hills.

Try our Explorers Country House Cycle Escape  – close to the start and you don’t have to go over any hills at all


Cycling in the Teme Valley near Ludlow

Cycling in the Teme Valley near Ludlow

The Tandem Triathlon – Saturday 6 July 2013

– the only tandem triathlon in the world.  You need access to a tandem – but this is great fun.   One team member swims 1k, both then cycle the 30k on road route, the other team member then runs a cross country 10k. The event offers a challenging course for serious competitors but one that is also easily manageable, albeit in perhaps longer time, for those who want to try a more relaxed event.

The rest of the family can try The Family Cycling holiday and can cycle up to meet you at Bury Ditches to cheer you on.

Family Farmhouse Shropshire

Family Farmhouse cycling holiday in Shropshire

Wiggle Shropshire Mynd Sportive – Sunday, 15 September 2013

A 101 mile sportive– It’s called the secret county because it’s full of scenic gems and known for being off the beaten track. The routes criss-cross the English / Welsh border so riders have the opportunity of climbing both Long Mynd (in England) and Long Mountain (in Wales). Kerry Hill features on the long route which is so long brings it rides almost like a typical European climb. The area is also steeped in history with fierce battles and the infamous 177 mile Offa’s Dyke which the route follows as you head towards Long Mountain.

While they go up the hills the wrong way (the steepest way), you can do a similar route  the best way following river valleys up the easier gradients  on the Shropshire Castle Tour.

Cycling up the Long Mynd the easy way - cycling holidays in Shropshire

Cycling up the Long Mynd the easy way – the view from the top



About Wheely Wonderful Cycling

I organise cycling & walking holidays from our farm on the Shropshire/ Herefordshire borders. I love anything to do with cycling - and this area is the perfect place to cycle - quiet lanes, fantastic scenery, lots of history & great food. My blog aims to keep you up to date with the best places to cycle & walk in the area, and all the wonderful things to see & do whilst you are exploring by bike or foot.
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